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9 hearty wines to sip this autumn

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times – autumn is the most beautiful time in the winelands.

As the cooler weather starts setting in, the vine leaves change from fresh summer green to orange and yellow and red. Misty mornings bring an ethereal quality of light and evenings descend with boldly painted sunsets.

While most of us aren’t lucky enough to experience this beauty on a daily basis, you can still sip wines that bring rich, warm flavours to mind.

Here are nine of our favourite hearty wines to sip this autumn.

This full-bodied, mouth-filling wine boasts flavours of cherries, tobacco and dark chocolate which are underpinned by a good tannic structure.

Serve as is without any extras, except your favourite company to keep the conversations flowing late into the night.

Boschendal’s 1685 range commemorates the year of the farm’s original title deeds being signed. Each wine is presented in a unique, curvaceous vessels inspired by the traditional bottle design.

The merlot is an elegant cool-climate style of wine with intensity of fruit and red cherry plum and pronounced ripe mulberry flavours on the palate.

Pair with a slow-cooked stew on a chilly evening and savour every last drop.

A red blend comprising Shiraz, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Pinotage, Constantia Rood offers an explosion of flavours and a velvety finish.

It’s an easy drinking wine and pairs well with fun Friday night foods, like pizza, burgers and pasta.

Just because cooler weather has rolled in, it doesn’t mean you have to switch over to red wines entirely.

Diemersfontein’s Viognier is a rich and spicy white wine with apricots, orange peel, citrus and biscuit aromas, followed by an orange marmalade aftertaste.

Pair with mild, creamy curries and spicy noodle dishes like Pad Thai.

If the turn of the season really brings out your sweet cravings, La Motte’s Straw Wine is an absolute must!

Made from dried Viognier grapes, this golden-coloured wine is both beautiful to look at and delicious to drink.

On the nose, you will find intense dried apricot and almond, as well as the distinctive aroma of jasmine flowers, followed by a silky texture and nutty aftertaste.

It complements most sweet desserts, as well as salty cheeses such as Roquefort and Feta.

A bright, dark red wine with black cherry, plums, cinnamon spice and nutmeg flavours. It’s the perfect companion to sip during a cosy Saturday afternoon spent reading, crafting or visiting with friends at home.

Enjoy with everyday home-style dishes from meat on the braai to more hearty stews and pastas or even just with a beef sandwich for lunch.

A tribute to cherished childhood memories and Lozärn's formidable matriarch, Granny Kay, this wine was made for large gamily gatherings and laughter-filled Sunday lunches.

Comprising 53% Cabernet Sauvignon 33% Merlot 14% Cabernet Franc, it pairs particularly well with peppered venison, tomato and mushroom.

Uncover a tango of strawberries, red cherries and black forest cake when you take your first sip of Nitida’s delightful Pinot Noir.

It’s an excellent partner to take to a more stylish braai or pair with an exotic mushroom risotto.

Plaisir De Merle’s Chardonnay is a pale straw-coloured wine with a greenish tinge, its aromas of toasted almonds and honey on the nose give way to tastes of caramelised lemons and a tropical sweetness which are perfectly balanced by the subtle toasted wood flavours.

So, have we inspired you to try one of these delicious wines?

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