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#JoburgLovesWine Winter Winelands Adventure Day 2: Bosman Family Wines

On the second day of our Winter Winelands adventure, we set out to the beautiful Wellington Wine Valley to visit Bosman Family Wines.

There are so many special things about this farm, but let’s start with the fact that it has been home to no less than eight generations of Bosmans! Since the very first Bosman set foot on the farm in 1798, the family has held the local people, the land and the environment in high regard.

Their respectful approach and carefully hand-crafted wines have set them apart, making them one of the leading Fairtrade wine producers in South Africa.

While many might think Fairtrade simply refers to ethical wine-making methods in terms of the environment, there’s also a strong social aspect to it. How are workers treated? What positive impact does the employee have on their lives?

Well, the Bosman family have long believed in and implemented social, economic and environmental practices that develop the community and promote sustainable farming. The good relationship between the family and their team is evident in the fact that many of the 260 full-time workers on the estate are 5th generation families that have as deep a passion for winemaking as the Bosmans themselves. With an ownership of a full 26% of the business, a solid skills transfer

system and numerous social projects, the workers are invested in every aspect of Bosman Family Vineyards.

They have also set up a school on the farm for the workers’ children, which we had the opportunity of visiting during our day with them. It was amazing to see how confident and cheerful these little children were!

After visiting the school, we went on to spend time with some of the workers sorting through vine cuttings. Bosman Adama is the largest vine nursery in Africa, with a broad spectrum of Vitis cultivars for the production of superior quality table, wine and raising grapes. What an incredible learning experience this was!

We ended our visit off with a beautiful lunch at Petrus and Carla Bosman’s house. This beautiful couple are currently in charge of Bosman Family Wines and hosted us so generously. It was really hard to leave!

However, soon we had to hop back into our Adventure Shop bus and head back to our home base at Lanzerac Hotel, where an equally magical experience awaited us: MCC sundowners on the mountain! Watching the sun set over the winelands is truly something every South African should experience at least once in their lives.

Our magnificent day came to a close in a suitably delectable manner, with a delicious meal at Lanzerac Manor Kitchen.

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